Vendor Transparency Solutions, LLC, conducts detailed screening of both potential and current suppliers to provide insight into their background, integrity, financial and compliance standing. The VTS web based platform is designed to comprehensively screen and monitor.

VTS Monitoring

VTS Professional subscribers submit to annual screening and compliance monitoring. The screening includes a detail inspection of every office and storage facility that your agency utilizes to operate your business, a comprehensive on-site compliance inspection, verification of background checks on all employees, verification of all corporate documents, verification of all educational certifications, lawsuits, bankruptcies, operational manuals, verification of all reported equipment and verification of proper insurance and bond coverage are many of the items that VTS processes. Once the screening process is complete, compliant agencies will have the most powerful marketing tool available in the industry. Your profile will be made available to VTS lenders that you authorize to access your company profile. You will also have the ability to forward your VTS Profile, showcasing your level of compliance to financial institutions outside of the VTS Network via the VTS Marketing Module.

Template Library

VTS Professional subscribers will have full access, free of charge, to the VTS Library containing templates for all required compliance manuals, including Policies and Procedures, Complaint Handing, Employee Handbook and Disaster Recovery. This subscription also includes access to all continued education webinars, unlimited use of the VTS Complaint Handling Platform and unlimited use of the VTS Marketing Module.

Participating financial Institutions will also have the ability to send an RFI (Request for Information) to service providers not currently in their network when a service area becomes available. If your agency is fully vetted and you are not currently contracted with that lender, you will have the ability to participate, if you are identified by the VTS system as being in that coverage area. The lender will now have a completely vetted agency, including all documents, to make an informed decision in a much shorter time frame.

Site Portal

The portal also serves as a human resource’s tool that will allow you to track all time sensitive documents by receiving 30 day notices, directly to your VTS Portal, on all items due to expire, including agency licenses, business licenses, drivers licenses, vehicle registrations, insurances and bonds.

The cost of VTS Professional is $995.00 annually. This rate includes full access to all modules and includes the cost of the first two site inspections. Additional site inspections are billed at a rate of $125.00.

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